Wodel-Edu: an MDE solution for the generation and evaluation of exercises

Wodel-Edu is an extension to Wodel for the automated generation of exercises. It generates seven kinds of exercises:

With this purpose, Wodel-Edu provides 4 DSLs along with Wodel:

eduTest: DSL for the configuration of the questionnaire, and the exercises' definition:

MultiChoiceDiagram simple {
    description for 'exercise4.model' = 'Select which of these automata
                                         accepts only "a*bab*"'
MultiChoiceEmendation complex {
    retry=no, weighted=no, penalty=0.0,
    order=options-descending, mode=checkbox
    description for 'exercise5.model' = 'Select the required changes so that
                                         the automaton accepts only "a+b+"'
MatchPairs rfs1, mts2, rfs2 {
    description for 'exercise6.model' = 'Select which of these options modifies
                                         the above automaton to accept only
                                         the language defined by ' %text('reg-exp')
MissingWords mtsrfs1 {
    description for 'exercise7.model' = 'Complete the following text with the
                                         options for each gap that modify this automaton
                                         to accept only the language defined by "ab(ba)*"'

modelDraw: DSL for the models' graphical visualization. It uses alternatively Graphviz and Circuit Macros for model renderization:

metamodel "http://dfaAutomaton/1.0"

Automaton: diagram {
    State(isInitial): markednode
    State(not isFinal): node shape=circle
    State(isFinal): node shape=doublecircle
    Transition(src, tar): edge label=symbol.symbol

modelText: DSL for the configuration of models elements text identification (optional):

metamodel "http://dfaAutomaton/1.0"

>State: State %name
>State(isFinal): final
>State(isInitial): initial
>Transition: Transition %symbol.symbol
>Transition.tar: target
>Transition.src: source

mutaText: DSL for the configuration of text options shown in the multiple emendation choice, match pairs, missing words, and text drag and drop test exercise kinds (optional):

metamodel "http://dfaAutomaton/1.0"

>TargetReferenceChanged: Change %object from %fromObject
                         to %toObject with new %refName %oldToObject /
                         Change %object from %fromObject to %oldToObject
                         with new %refName %toObject
>AttributeChanged: Change %object to %oldValue /
                   Change %object to %value

You can view an example of a test exercises web application generated with Wodel-Edu at www.wodel.eu.

We are currently working on the generation of exercises for the Moodle platform. You can access our private Moodle here and see: moodle.wodel.eu (user: demo; password: Wodel-Edu4Moodle).

This is a short video demo of Wodel and Wodel-Edu:

New: Automated generation and correction of diagram-based exercises for Moodle with Wodel-Edu:

Here you can download an example of Wodel-Edu.
Wodel-Edu samples .zip
Wodel-Edu samples .tar.gz


This work has been funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science (RTI2018-095255-B-I00, project "MASSIVE") and the R&D programme of Madrid (P2018/TCS-4314, project "FORTE").